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The following is a list of current employment opportunities with First Nations University of Canada:

Assistant Professor - Indigenous Studies

Assistant/Associate Professor - Indigenous Health Studies

Casual Early Childhood Educators - Regina Campus

Chemistry 104 Recitation Teaching Assistant

Informational Posting - Future Indigenous Language Instructors

Interpreter - English - Cree

Interpreter - English - French

Marker INA 100 - Intro to Indigenous Art

Marker INAH 100 - Indian Art History

Marker INDG 215 Saulteaux Culture & History

Research Assistant - Prince Albert

Research Assistants - Casual Transcribers

Research Assistants - Prince Albert

Sessional (LAB) Instructor – EIND 350-S02 (lab) Indigenous Education Secondary Teaching II

Sessional Instructor ERDG 215 S01 Teaching of Reading

Sessional Instructor (Lab Instructor) MATH 110 S03 - CALCULUS I

Sessional Instructor - INSW 402-S50 Indigenous Social Work Practice and Human Sexuality

Sessional Instructor - INSW 414-S01/S10/S50 Indigenous Perspective on First Nations Children's Services

Sessional Instructor - INSW 447 S10 Indigenous Social Work Practice II

Sessional Instructor - INSW 450-S90 Indigenous Perspective on Community Development

Sessional Instructor – EIND 225-S01 Indigenous Education Principles & Practices In Elementary Teaching II

Sessional Instructor – EIND 350-S01 Indigenous Education Secondary Teaching II

Sessional Instructor – ENGL 110 S01/S02 Critical Reading & Writing II

Sessional Instructor EINH 215-S01 Intro to Indigenous Health Elementary School

Sessional Instructor EINL 325 S01 Bilingual/Bicultural Language Learning Processes

Sessional Instructor EIST 350-S01 Instruction and Evaluation in Secondary Indigenous Studies Education (formerly EINS 350)

Sessional Instructor EIST 400 S90 Analyzing First Nations Issues

Sessional Instructor ESCI 215 S01 Intro to Teaching of Elementary School Science

Sessional Instructor INA 220 S10 Two Dimensional Design In Indian Art

Sessional Instructor Indigenous Social Work Practice I - INSW 346 S10

Sessional Instructor LING 210 S01 Phonetics and Phonology

Sessional Instructor LING 280-S01 Language Documentation

Sessional Instructor LING 410-S01 Seminar in Phonology

Sessional Instructor LING 497AA S01 Neurolinguistics

Sessional Instructor PSYC 102 S10/S50 Introductory Psychology B

Student in Training (Prince Albert)

Teaching Assistant Marker - ADMN 260 - Intro to Organizational Behaviour

Teaching Assistant Marker - ADMN 263 - Customer Service Strategies

Term Position - Indigenous Social Work - Prince Albert

Tutors - Regina, Saskatoon & Prince Albert

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