Friesens Corporation - Lead Bindery Machine Operator

Job Number:
Business Name:
Friesens Corporation
Business Description:
Friesens Corporation is in the business of book manufacturing and specialty packaging.
Job Street Location:
1 Printers Way and 511 Industrial Drive
Community Location:
Business Years in Operation:
Amount of Capital Investment:
Workplace Mentor Provided:
Job Hours:
72 Hours Biweekly
Skill Type/Level:
NOC C - Semi-skilled occupations (usually require secondary school or vocational training)
Job Type:
Full Time Permanent
Close Date:
Industry Area:
Salary Range:
Depends upon qualifications

Position Title: Lead Bindery Machine Operator

NOC: 9473

Job Requirements:

  • High School diploma, GED or equivalent;
  • Experience as a machine operator specifically relating to book binding and/or box making;
  • Able to effectively communicate in English both verbally and in writing;
  • Able to provide clear direction to team members;
  • Mechanical inclination;
  • Above average mathematical aptitude;
  • Strong attention to detail and precision;
  • Strong work ethic;
  • Proven organization and problem-solving capabilities;
  • Ability to work independently in a busy environment;
  • Able to work as a functioning member of a team;
  • Able to work well under pressure, able to work well under tight deadlines;
  • Must have a high stress tolerance and the ability to maintain a positive outlook even when things do not always go as planned;
  • Experience with routine maintenance operations;
  • Highly flexible, with solid interpersonal skills that allow one to work effectively in a diverse working environment;
  • Able to deal with people diplomatically and professionally at all times;
  • Highly punctual;
  • Basic computer skills;
  • Ability and willingness to work 12-hour shifts;
  • Experience with routine machine maintenance preferred;
  • Ability and willingness to work overtime as required;
  • Continuous improvement mindset.


Position Summary:

The Lead Operator is responsible to direct team members, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the equipment and to make running adjustments as needed to produce a high-quality product to the prescribed quantity. Other responsibilities include troubleshooting basic machine performance, making machine adjustments as needed and calling for additional maintenance resources as needed.

Lead Encaser Operator: 

The Lead Encaser Operator is responsible for the setup and operation of the Encaser on the hard cover book line where the internal and hard cover components are combined to create a finished book. He/she is also responsible for the setup and run the backgluer area of the Encaser as needed. The Lead Encaser Operator works with and provides direction to an assistant operator (Level II Operator) and production support staff.

Lead Perfect Binder Operator: 

The Lead Perfect Binder Operator is responsible for the set up and operation of the Perfect Binding machine producing soft cover books and hard cover book blocks. He/she is also responsible to set up and run the three-knife trimmer as needed. Lead Perfect Binder Operators works with and provide direction to the assistant operator (Level II Operator) and support personnel.

Lead Multiplex Operator: 

The Lead Multiplex Machine Operator is responsible for the set up and operation of the sewing machines to produce sewn book blocks from collated signatures on the Multiplex System. The Lead Multiplex Operator works with and provides direction to an assistant operator (Level II Operator) and production support staff.

Saddle Stitch Operator:

The Saddle Stitch Operator is responsible for the set up and operation of the Saddle Stitcher, which combines internal and cover components into a finished product that is stapled on the spine. Such products include calendars, children’s books and magazines. He/she will direct production support staff.

Shrink Wrapper Operator:

The Shrink Wrapper Operator is responsible for the set up and operation of the shrink wrapper machine to wrap the product as required.  He/she will direct production support staff in loading and packing the finished product.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Work and communicate effectively with the team members, Managers and Shift Managers;
  • Manage production run for quality, efficiency, and productivity:
  • Understand the job requirements from information on the docket and related information;
  • Arrange for delivery of all job components as needed;
  • Prepare glue supply;
  • Communicate responsibilities to Level II Operator or Production Support staff;
  • Efficiently set up the machine as required and run samples making necessary adjustments:
  • Perform periodic visual checks and inspections of product at all stages;
  • Run sample and get “first copy” approval;
  • Set up taper and packing area;
  • Run job to quantity,
  • Stack components neatly on skids;
  • Identify finished component storage; 
  • Return docket;
  • Select premium quality advance copies and sign off the Advance Copy form;
  • Manage and perform machine maintenance as described in the Machine Maintenance Binder and the Operator’s Manual;
  • Practice Friesens safety procedure for equipment and plant situations;
  • Perform any other job assignments as assigned by the Shift Manager or Manager.

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