Body Repair Technician - Br. 7

Collision & Recycling
Winnipeg, MB
Job Type:
Full Time
Close Date:
Professional Areas:
Body Shop
Salary Range:
up to $24/hr


Position Summary:

Assesses and repairs heavy-duty truck bodies to ensure customer satisfaction and profits for Maxim while working as a member of a team.




1.      Performs body work including: fibre-glass, metal-fabrication, mechanical, and electrical duties; moves trucks as required by work flow; reassembles parts and inspects work during and after re-assembly such as minor adjustments and final walk-around.  (80%)


Performance Coaching Standards

·         Jobs are completed on time and on average within quoted work estimates

·         Visual appeal of final product; all parts work well (no parts missing, no scratches)

·         No units returned for the same problem due to workmanship

·         Trucks pass the road test

·         Positive feedback from customers and repeat business

·         Continuously learns and fine-tuning knowledge of the trade and applies to the job


2.      Checks times and parts needed for repairs; makes suggestions to rebuild or replace parts; ensures correct parts are available or on order; plans work flow for jobs by reviewing estimates and doing visual assessment. (10%)


Performance Coaching Standards

·         Time-effective and efficient flow of work

·         Identifies any additional parts and body work that may be required

·         Requests on a timely basis that additional parts be ordered

·         Plan has zero “dead time” waiting on parts to arrive or other functions to be completed (e.g. paint)

·         Quality work that passes final inspection and to quality standards promised to customers


3.      Disassembles truck body and parts (stores/marks parts), seals any open lines and coordinates details like Air Conditioning repair, frame repair, and paint jobs with other Technicians; watches for secondary damage and informs Body Shop Manager of additional work required. (5%)


Performance Coaching Standards

·         All additional damage or missing parts are discovered and reported on a timely basis

·         Parts are marked/stored for re-assembly; parts can be found and no damage has occurred while in the shop


4.      Maintains accurate records for job estimates, tracks work hours, trains and guides apprentices (5%)


Performance Coaching Standards

·         Obtains approval for additional hours on job estimates

·         Presents hours worked in a timely manner

·         Explanations/advice to apprentices are clear and appropriate


5.      Maintains Company tooling and equipment as well as general shop housekeeping to promote a safe work environment. (5%)


Performance Coaching Standards

·         No preventable workplace accidents take place

·         Work equipment is used properly

·         Broken equipment is reported immediately to Body Shop Manager


6.      Other duties as assigned such as providing internal customer service including the promotion of other Maxim services when appropriate.


Performance Coaching Standards

·         Positive feedback from customers and co-workers

·         Accurate information is provided when required

·         Professional manner



7.      Other duties as assigned



NOTE: May perform related mechanical and electrical work up to 30% of the time.  Junior and Senior Body Repair Technicians differ by skill set, quality of work, and speed at which work is completed.





Education & Experience:

  • Level 2 Apprentice to Journeyman designation or equivalent experience
  • Interest in continually upgrading skills and knowledge in trade
  • Ability/willingness to complete I-CAR and MOPIA (air conditioning) certification



  • Aptitude to learn and work in the trade
  • Positive attitude and team player
  • Strong commitment to the customer
  • Demonstrated problem-solving ability
  • Ability to lift up to 75 pounds and perform physically demanding duties
  • Familiar with tools of the trade and personally equipped with an adequate supply of hand tools



  • Shift Work, rotating every 5 weeks:
    • Day shift. Monday to Friday, 7:30/8:00 AM to 4:30/5:00 PM 
    • Evening shift: Monday to Thursday, 2:00 PM to midnight, and Friday, 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM (piece work)
  • Own transportation to/from work is required as no bus service available on evening shift