Service Coordinator Br K

Winnipeg, MB
Job Type:
Full Time
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Position Summary


Provides front line customer service, including high quality customer service and vehicle/trailer intake, liaising between shop and the customer during the work process and ensuring the proper procedures are followed when returning the vehicle to the customer in order to ensure long-term customer relationships and profitable work for Maxim.




  1. 33 % - Intakes internal and external customer requests through a variety of methods (phone call, tow truck driver, in-person, email, PM schedule for service contract customers, etc). This includes:
  • Customer and vehicle information (kms/miles, names, unit #, primary decision maker, etc)
  • Customer complaint and general category (e.g., comeback, emergency, maintenance, undiagnosed issue, a ‘demand’ repair without confirmation)
  • The customer’s availability for drop off and approximate time it will take to repair the unit.
  • Who will be paying for the repair? (e.g. customer, warranty, credit)  If customer has credit with a financial company (e.g. Fargo Wells, GE), obtain a PO or work authorization up front.
  • Identify if repair may be warranty, ensure with Warranty Administrators.  If so, attach warranty procedure obtained from ISIS onto the work order.


Performance Coaching Standards

  • Ensuring resources are available prior to booking appointments (e.g., a part for a ‘demand’ repair, correct technician available)
  • Inputs appointment information in the Service Log or in larger shops provides information to the Front Counter Supervisor.
  • Follows CSP training guidelines.
  • PO or work authorization obtained if needed to ensure the work completed will be paid for.
  • Ensure accurate and complete information is obtained and processed in order to provide customer service promised.
  • Pre-booking of work does not exceed 60-70% of shop capacity work


  1.  33 % - Intakes the unit upon its arrival at Maxim:
  • Need to check for history in Karmak for previous repairs of same nature and if the repair will be warranty.  If unit in for similar repair, there may be a larger problem with the unit.
  • Confirms information received in initial customer intake and additional information required ( e.g. cab card)
  • Determines if service shop assistance prior to customer leaving that will decrease customer’s overall wait time (e.g. an easy/quick check; road test, etc.)
  • Conducts in-depth interviews for all complaints outlined in the front counter questionnaires.
  • Determines if the complaint may fall within warranty parameters determined by vendor parameters (alerts shop with ‘potential warranty’ stamp)
  • Documents information received. Informs customer how/when to receive information on progress Receives keys and parking location of vehicle. Reviews the work order and obtains a signature.
  • Up-sells to customer including advising them of recalls (through ISIS) or upcoming maintenance requirements at a time that is convenient for the customer.


Performance Coaching Standards

  • History is checked for every unit and problems are caught.
  • Follows CSP training guidelines.
  • Ensure accurate and complete information is obtained and processed in order to provide customer service promised.
  • Advises  shop supervisor of specific customer concerns ( e.g. dirty seats in vehicle last time they picked up their truck)


  1. 11 % - Performs related duties such as:
  • Sharing information in a front counter shift change.
  • Following instructions provided by credit department on customers whose anticipated work will be higher than their credit limit.
  • Receives email from Parts department when ordered parts have come in, will notifies customers and schedule a new appointment within 21 days to avoid restocking charge.  Will notify the Foreman and Scheduler when the unit is scheduled to go back into the shop.
  • Arranging for and coordinating sublet work
  • Updating records on-line.
  • Notifies Rentals immediately if a rental unit arrives, what is wrong with the unit and when the repair will be finished.  This ensures Rentals is able to keep track of their units.


Performance Coaching Standards

  • No information is lost between shifts or between departments (communicating using service logs/RPM)
  • Customer contact provides Maxim with meaningful information on customer satisfaction and concerns and up coming work as per the assigned schedule
  • Rentals knows of units coming into the shop


  1. 0-11 % - Depending on the other positions available on the shift, may be responsible for shop supervisor or Service Administrator duties.


Performance Coaching Standards

  • Performs those duties according to the job duties and performance standards of those duties.


  1. 6 % - Communicates with customer at pre-arranged times or when shop report varies from our promises or upon confirmation of the customer’s complaint or upon complete of a quote or work.


Performance Coaching Standards

  • Proactively provides accurate information to the customer presenting it in a positive and empathic manner.
  • Obtains necessary approvals from customer and relays their questions to the shop supervisor.
  • If information is not received from shop on a timely basis, will request it.
  • Quotes finalized are complete and accurate
  • There are no surprises for the customer upon their arrival to pick up their vehicle.


  1. 6 % - Performs unit pick-up process by checking credit in advance of customer arriving, logging job as complete in Karmak, having an invoice prepared for COD customers, obtaining payment (as required) and customer signature on reviewed repair order. Explains work completed to customer and directs them to the correct location of their unit with their keys.


Performance Coaching Standards

  • All possible paperwork is completed prior to customer arriving to minimize their wait time.
  • No unit is released to an internal or external customer until payment is secured.



  1. Other duties as assigned


Note:  Responsibilities of Service Coordinator will vary depending on day vs. evening and week-end shifts.  Evening and weekends may include a greater degree of shop supervision to staff and time spent on scheduling of jobs and issuing work orders. 

Day shift will include more time spent directly dealing with customers.


Minimum Qualifications


Education & Experience:

  • Minimum 5 years of technical experience in a medium/heavy duty truck industry.
  • Prior customer service experience is preferred




  • High degree of technical product and technical knowledge
  • Customer service focus & ability to build relationships
  • A team player that takes initiative and a learner attitude
  • Knowledge of/ability to learn basic computer skill required
  • Possess strong listening, problem solving and decision making skills
  • Ability to work with interruptions required


Asset or Preferred

  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Experience with Karmak business system an asset
  • Ability to establish and maintain long-term customer relationships
  • Ability to communicate with varying levels of people inside and outside of the company.
  • Organized, sets and meets priorities
  • Details oriented
  • Possesses in-personal, phone and email etiquette



  • Ability to work other shifts to cover holidays and sick days etc.