Service Administrator Br E

Edmonton, AB
Job Type:
Full Time
Close Date:

Position Summary


Reviews and closes of repair orders to ensure complete, accurate and timely invoices are produced that maintain a high level of customer satisfaction while maximizing profits to the company and maintaining vendor and inter-divisional relationships.



  1. (50 %) Closes retail work orders by creating invoices based on information collected. Decides service/parts should be written off following company guidelines.


Performance Coaching standards

  • Ensures accurate and complete work orders and minimal write-off of labor compared to time allocated.
  • No open work orders are older than 30 days
  • Service Administrator closes approximately 20 operations/day on average over the course of 1 year
  • COD invoices are given priority and processed as soon as they are received or before the customer arrives at the front counter.
  • Hard copies are accurately filed in an alphabetical/numerical file within a week of closing.
  • Phones Customer for Purchase Order (if required)
  • No more than 10% of the labour component is written off without Service Manager Approval.
  • Obtains clearance from credit department prior to invoicing customers who have exceeded their credit limit.


  1. (0 - 16 %) Duties may also include:
  • Completes payroll, divides up time, clears daily timesheet discrepancies as per Service Manager
  • Files warranties, checks warranty coverage on customer vehicles in shop & checks for open recalls & AFC
  • Checks open work order list weekly keep track of work orders over 30 days old
  • Works reception when necessary


Performance Coaching standards

  • Tasks performed accurately and correctly
  • Complete tasks before deadline (e.g. payroll and A/P)
  • Duties performed to standards established by receptionist position


  1. (8 %) Reviews repair orders to ensure complete and accurate information. Gathers or clarifies information as required from shop supervisor, front counter or parts department. This includes:
  • Customer and vehicle information (KMs/miles, names, unit # VIN etc)
  • Complete and accurate parts, lubricants, machine earnings, core return and tag, etc
  • Repair work stories are legible and includes complaint, cause, correction; additional information (if time work exceeds time allowed), technician and floor supervisor initials
  • Customer and/or vendor pre-authorization for work performed (if required)
  • Sublet documentation


Performance Coaching standards

  • Complete and accurate information is gathered prior to invoicing stage
  • All repair orders with a warranty component are sent to the warranty person first for processing (if there is a warranty administrator on-site)


  1. (8 %) Performs work related to closed work orders including:
  • Reconciles sublet accounts
  • “Splits” work orders so the completed work is billed and the unfinished is forwarded to the correct area for action.


Performance Coaching standards

  • Work is complete, accurate and performed within mutually agreed to deadlines.


  1. (8 %) Assists Service Coordinators as customer demand requires; responds to customer questions or concerns regarding invoices received; performs Warranty Administrator duties as required


Performance Coaching standards

  • Accurate and complete work is performed by mutually agreed to standards and deadlines.
  • Warranty administration is performed as per the standards set in that job description.
  • Service Coordinator position is performed as per the standards set in that job description.


  1. (7 %) Estimates for customer requests and standard work on P&D new vehicles and for customers purchasing a batch of vehicles (tenders), either new or used.  (e.g. City of Edmonton)


Performance Coaching standards

  • Ensure quoted price matches previous prices for returning customers.
  • Completed by mutually agreed upon time, 4 hours.



  1. (3 %) Posts and arranges some building and service payables, such as: purchases and pays for shop supplies/tools; contacts people for building services; arranges uniforms for Technicians; ensures the shop is not violating health codes (expired first aid kits, new water in eye wash stations, etc.)


Performance Coaching standards

  • Work is accurate and complete
  • Technicians have presentable uniforms (e.g. no tears)
  • First Aid equipment is up to date in the shop


  1. Other duties as assigned




Education & Experience:

  • Working knowledge of servicing heavy-duty trucks and trailers or related industry
  • Minimum of 2 years front service administration experience to understand repair time length, managing work orders, and related administration



  • Can identify between warranty, maintenance, and damage on work orders
  • Excellent fact finding and analytical skills
  • Organized, sets priorities, meets deadlines
  • Strong aptitude for numbers, shows attention to detail
  • Basic computer experience with MS Word and Outlook
  • Exposure to a centralized billing system; Karmak knowledge preferred
  • Accurate keyboarding & data entry
  • Ability to work with interruptions



  • Hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Own transportation is required as no public bus service available