Podiatrist - West-Man Foot Clinic

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West-Man Foot Clinic Inc.
Business Description:
Podiatry Clinic - treatment of foot problems and diseases
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D-3000 Victoria Avenue
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NOC A - Professional occupations (usually require university education)
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Full Time Permanent
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Dependent Upon Qualifications

West-Man Foot Clinic Inc

West-Man Foot Clinic is searching for a podiatrist to join the firm as an associate with a view to future partnership if agreed to by candidate and current partners.

Job Requirements/qualifications

  • Language - CLB Level 6  To ensure you meet language requirements for the job, please include language test scores with your application.  The language test score can be included in your resume or test results can be uploaded to your online candidate profile. 
  • Minimum Bachelor of Science in Podiatry
  • Drivers License
  • Good understanding of scientific findings
  • Ability to manipulate delicate instruments
  • Good people skills
  • Ability to offer adequate amount of help
  • Responsible

Job Certifications, licensing or registration requirements

  • College of Podiatrists of Manitoba License

Job Duties / Responsibilities

A podiatrist has the task of assessing and treating the problems related to that of the foot.  Specializing in working on the infections, defects and injuries of the feet.  Podiatrists mostly manage the lower extremity diseases and carry out different types of minor, in-office procedures including a number of minor soft tissue surgeries which require anesthesia.

  • Assessing and treating the abnormalities and diseases which are related to the area of the foot and lower limb in people
  • Providing treatment to high-risk patient groups who run greater risk of amputation
  • Providing treatment to all different age groups including children, adults and seniors
  • Using the therapeutic and soft tissue surgical techniques needed to treat foot related issues
  • Prescribing and fitting different types of aids, orthotics and appliances
  • Delivering education on foot health to people of all ages
  • Working with other medical professionals like doctors, nurses etc with a full amount of coordination
  • Understanding the mechanics of the foot and the entire body for the successful movement of the body
  • Using a range of equipment and dressings for carrying out treatment processes with complete success.

Job Benefits

Drug & Dental Plan